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Killing of Animals for Disease Control Purposes

Release time:2018-06-11

Organisational structure
Disease control contingency plans should be in place at a national level and should contain details of management structure, disease control strategies and operational procedures; animal welfare considerations should be addressed within these disease control contingency plans. The plans should also include a strategy to ensure that an adequate number of personnel competent in the humane killing of animals is available. Local level plans should be based on national plans and be informed by local knowledge.
Disease control contingency plans should address the animal welfare issues that may result from animal movement controls.
The operational activities should be led by an official Veterinarian who has the authority to appoint the personnel in the specialist teams and ensure that they adhere to the required animal welfare and biosecurity standards. When appointing the personnel, he/she should ensure that the personnel involved have the required competencies.
The official Veterinarian should be responsible for all activities across one or more affected premises and should be supported by coordinators for planning (including communications), operations and logistics to facilitate efficient operations.
The official Veterinarian should provide overall guidance to personnel and logistic support for operations on all affected premises to ensure consistency in adherence to the OIE animal welfare and animal health recommendations.
A specialist team, led by a team leader answerable to the official Veterinarian, should be deployed to work on each affected premises. The team should consist of personnel with the competencies to conduct all required operations; in some situations, personnel may be required to fulfil more than one function. Each team should contain a veterinarian or have access to veterinary advice at all times.
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