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Farm animal welfare legislation encourage and appeal

Release time:2017-03-16


With the implementation of the reform of the supply side, the scale of middle class has gradually expanded , China consume market has also ushered in a new stage of challenge, safety, green, healthy, personalized demand will become the new growth points. Consumers become more stringent requirements for food production, in accordance with the traditional mode of operation process is facing a breakthrough point.

In March 5th, The fifth session of the Twelfth National People's Congress open, Vice Premier Wang Yang dialogued with the delegation of Anhui province, the development of agriculture has reached a new stage, to enhance the focus on food safety. On March 10th, Zhao Wanping the deputy of Anhui delegation formally submitted a proposal on "speed up the farm animal welfare legislation, to ensure the safety of food ".

What is farm animal welfare on earth?
"Breeding, feed, vaccine, management level of breeding staff belong to the farm animal welfare category. Less using unnecessary antibiotics, the better feed health environment , choose an electric shock or carbon monoxide reducing animal stress management mode before slaughter, when more attention were paid in management, which are doing contribution to farm animal welfare"


In fact, "down to earth" is Zhao Wanping as a deputy to the National People's Congress on his own request, "my suggestions and proposal will focus on effective, easy to operate and down to earth, empty empty talk, it is important for the well-being of the people."

The animal welfare legislation is precisely the farm settled on the welfare of the people: a farm animal is a major source of animal products, the quality and safety of health actually determines the health of human beings. "Make the animal happy is just to let people happy” which has been Zhao Wanping's pet phrase over the years.

For Wanping Zhao, the first concern for a farm animal welfare was born in a foreign visit, "let the chicken wings out of the cage, the poultry breeding environment" a campaign foreign members to get Wanping Zhao to start thinking about the real situation of animal husbandry Chinese environment.

China is a huge consumption of meat market, but the mode of industrialization soaring to food safety laid great hidden  dangers,, "what to eat" became the consumer contact problems. Even if the BMW car, live in a big house, but breathing dirty air, eating unhealthy foods, may have a sense of happiness? "He is sensitive to realize that this will set off a small storm in Chinese farming animal husbandry.


In fact, in order to carry out this idea, Wanping Zhao is dedicated to farm animal welfare and advocating every year. In five years, from the initial "animal cannot live a long distance," to " Don't let the honest poultry back H7N9 blame”, pay attention to the slaughter of cattle and pour milk, to accelerate the farm animal welfare legislation today, his advice and bill come down in one continuous line, which also benefited from his years of grass-roots work experience.

In order to improve the proposal, the advice and suggestions according to the people most concerned, Wanping Zhao traveled to all of large scale breeding provinces, visited livestock experts, departments and farmers, after in-depth communication, to grasp the first-hand information, at the same time to represent the identity of the small and medium-sized enterprise research, called open forum to solicit opinions, "although a suggestion of only a few hundred words, but must be accurate, valid, this need to have a lot of truth, very thorough."          


At the end of last year, based on sufficient knowledge, Wanping Zhao went deep into  Committee for international cooperation in animal welfare, China Association for the promotion of international cooperation for agriculture and part of the farm survey, in the National People's Congress meeting for the first time put forward the concept of farm animal welfare legislation. This proposal, conform to the trend of international development, but also provides a new way to test reform for our agricultural supply. So just put forward, it has aroused great concern, a hot topic in the majority of farmers, also attracted consumer expectations, they are eager to farm animal welfare can guarantee safety from the source of the meat dish can germinate, thrive in the land of China.

In Wanping Zhao's view, this is clearly a more development vision. He called this year experience of NPC and CPPCC "ice breaking journey”. Farm animal welfare legislation and research in Chinese is still the initial stage, in the promotion process, the delegates need to have broad vision, but also have a lot of hard work to do. Because you want to break the ice, change inherent concept of  people.

Perform their duties for fifth years, compared to the previous two years newer, Wanping Zhao increasingly feel the heavy responsibility, " the burden on shoulder is even heavier, need to be more careful, accurate, this proposal can have components, can be extremely elegant and valuable can truly represent the people,".

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