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27 Chinese Companies Won ”Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards”

Release time:2018-07-05

In line with the development trend of Western livestock production, Chinese livestock producers took big strides in welfare-friendly livestock farming and won “Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards” of Compassion in World Farming, which took place on June 21st 2018 at Paris.
Jointly launched by International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare (ICCAW) and Compassion in World Farming in 2014, the China Awards of Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards, consisting of Good Pig Production Award, Good Chicken Production Award and Good Egg Production Award, are based on criteria that equate to stars with five being the highest accolade. Millions of farm animals had benefited from the higher-welfare farming practices of the award-winning Chinese producers.
This year, 27 Chinese companies have been recognized. There are 17 Good Pig Production Award winners (with one five star winner) - which are set to benefit more than 423 thousand pigs every year - five Good Egg Production Award winners (of which three achieve five stars) and seven Good Chicken Production Winners, again with three achieving 5 stars. In total, this year’s Chinese Award winners are set to benefit more than 180 million farm animals every year.
Philip Lymbery, Compassion in World Farming’s CEO applauds the winning Chinese companies for their leadership in farm animal welfare. He says, “Higher welfare production offers a huge opportunity for China’s producers to get ahead, future proofing their systems and appealing to consumers, who want safe, high quality products from animals reared to good welfare standards. The winning Chinese companies are playing an exemplary role for the entire food industry in China. Their investment in animal welfare from breeding, to housing, rearing and health management is sure to extend their social and economic influence as well as consumer confidence."
Madame Xi Chunling - the first president of ICCAW, attend the awarding ceremony and share the glory together with representatives of the winning Chinese companies. She says, “In recent years, the progress of farm animal welfare made in China has won global recognition. Winning Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards signifies substantial recognition of welfare-friendly farming practives adopted by winning Chinese producers. It also symbolizes that Chinese livestock farming is being in line with advanced international concepts, and it can facilitate the green development, good quality development and brand-building of Chinese livestock farming. It will surely promote Chinese livestock farming companies to develop in a more sustainable direction.”
Full list of China Awards Winners
(these are awarded according to criteria that equate to stars, five stars being the highest achievement)
Good Pig Production Award Winners (17 winners in total)
1. Heilongjiang Ama Ranch Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. (*5)
2. Henan Liqun Farming Co., Ltd. Cooperative University: Shangqiu Normal University (*4)
3. Guizhou Guidu Modern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. (*4)
4. Chuying Agro. Pastoral Group(Tibet) Co., Ltd. (*4)
5. Liaoning Zhenxing Ecology Group Development Co., Ltd. (*4)
6. No. 3 Factory of Shandong Tuhe Food Co., Ltd. (*4)
7. Beijing Heiliu Stockbreeding Technology Co., Ltd. (*3)
8. Henan Huayang Danxi Pig Genetics Limited Company (*3)
9. Anhui Lotus Zhongzhi Xumu Technical Co., Ltd. of Qinglian Food (*3)
10. Jining Anxin Farming Co., Ltd. (*3)
11. Zaozhuang Black Pig Breeding Farm of Shandong Chunteng Food (*3)
12. Shandong Unice Food Technology Co., Ltd. (*3)
13. Inner Mongolia Dahaoheshan Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (*2)
14. Inner Mongolia Pengcheng Animal Husbandry Development Co. Ltd. (*2)
15. Shanxi Changrong Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. (*2)
16. Chuzhou Wodeli Farming Co., Ltd. of Yurun Group (*2)
17. Shanghai Hengjian Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (*1)
Good Egg Production Award Winners (5 winners in total)
1. Luhua Chicken Ecological Free-range Base of Shandong Jinqiu Agro-Pastrol Technology Co., Ltd. (*5)
2. Chengdu Xiangnong Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. Farm (*5)
3. Wangqing Qianwang Under Forest Breeding Co.,Ltd. (*5)
4. Animal Welfare Poultry Farm of Jiangsu Hongxuan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. (*4)
5. Qingtongxia No.3 Breeding Base of Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. (*3)
Good Chicken Production Award Winners (7 winners in total)
1. Luhua Chicken Ecological Free-range Base of Shandong Jinqiu Agro-Pastrol Technology Co., Ltd. (*5)
2. Xueshan Chicken Farms of Changzhou Tianmu Poultry Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Lihua Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. (*5)
3. Chengdu Xiangnong Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. Farm (*5)
4. Modern Broiler Farms of Shandong Fengxiang Co., Ltd. (*3)
5. Cargill Animal Protein (Anhui) Co., Ltd. Growout Farms (*3)
6. No.1 Broiler Farm of Dadi Yihe chicken breeding specialized cooperation of Yantai Dadi Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. (*3)
7. Nantong Chai Tai Livestock & Poultry Co., Ltd. Farms (*3)
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